Lower back pain, causes of pain, available treatments

back pain in the lumbar region

The back hurts. . . It creaks, twists, shoots. . . How many terms have people coined to denote low back pain? This is understandable. Often, back pain that occurs once does not leave its owner for the rest of his life.

At first seldom, but then more and more often they remind me of myself, they don't let me sleep, they pull me with periodic exacerbations. And many, even many young people suffer from back pain as an inevitable evil, retribution for a sedentary lifestyle, lack of a muscular corset, disproportionate physical activity.

They do not try to treat back pain, and if they do, it is sporadic, chaotic. Some do not even know their exact diagnosis, well, their back hurts and it hurts, osteochondrosis, that is, or sciatica.

But this is far from the case. There are many diseases that cause a painful reaction, limited mobility in the lower back.

Why does the lower back hurt, causes pain

  • In the first place, of course, are injuries, displacement of the vertebrae, sprains. They cause acute pain with complete damage in the early stages of the disease. But if you suffer from low back pain, do not seek help and do not take any measures to alleviate your condition, the disease quickly becomes chronic.
  • The second place of honor is occupied by compression of the nerve during the displacement of the vertebrae, with the formation of an intervertebral hernia.
  • The third place is occupied by the already mentioned osteochondrosis with its degenerative changes in the cartilage tissues.
  • Then there are all sorts of postural disorders - lordosis, kyphosis and the leader among spinal deformities - scoliosis, which now occurs almost in first graders. There is also Scheuermann-Mau disease, when juvenile kyphosis forms even in adolescence and by the age of 20-25 they reach almost disability.
  • In fact, low back pain can be a symptom of diseases of internal organs - kidneys, pelvic organs.
  • Often, back pain occurs in late pregnancy, with rapid weight gain and hormonal changes in a woman's body.
  • The worst manifestations of back pain are metastases in the spine, which appear in the 4th stage of the development of cancer.

It is not easy to find out for yourself the real causes of lower back pain. It is good when there is a modern clinic nearby, where experienced chiropractors, vertebrologists work and there is appropriate diagnostic equipment.

Treatment of low back pain - a review of methods

Here begins the most inconvenient. There are many methods and treatments for low back pain, but not all work the same way. This is where the famous human factor arises and this factor is important both on the part of the patient and the healer (no matter what you say, the options are many: chiropractor, chiropractor, chiropractor, masseur, vertebrologist).

All these people have their own method, their favorite tricks, possible combinations in ways to correct the location of the vertebrae of our long-suffering spine. I saw a chiropractor put his patients' necks in place with sharp movements for a few seconds.

But despite the apparent effectiveness of his methods, I did not dare to "talk to him more closely. " Perhaps this is a manifestation of cowardice, I will not argue. But I still can not forget that I have a spine and it is unlikely everto give me a spare.

  • Often, in addition to the blockades described above, a spinal traction method is offered. Under water or with special weights. From the point of view of common sense, there is something to this, but, unfortunately, I have heard many comments that the improvements are extremely small, incomparable to the cost.
  • The next way is a high quality professional massage.
  • The use of pills and injections that relieve pain is a temporary measure and the disease as such is not curable, they stopped taking medication, "laughs" and ended.
  • Surgical treatment is generally an extreme case, it is worth considering when there is pain that does not go away for several months, complete damage, urinary and fecal incontinence.
  • The most promising method for frequent low back pain is a set of exercises.

Although, before the diagnosis is clarified, they, with excessive diligence, can be harmful. As in any case, the treatment of lower back pain should be considered, gradually, with a view to the nuances of well-being. In strict compliance with the rules for lifting and carrying heavy loads, if necessary, physical work at home and at work.

And if you are persistent and patient, the improvement in the condition of your back will not be late.