Hondrox Buy in Pharmacy

Buyers are wondering if it is possible to buy Hondrox in Croatia at a pharmacy. We answer this question.

Why is Hondrox not available in pharmacies?

The only place where you can get Hondrox Joint Spray is the official website of the manufacturer. Everything presented at a pharmacy or other point of sale, except the website, is fake. Our mission is to make the treatment of chronic joint diseases simple and accessible to all, and pharmacies themselves determine their margin of 500% of the value of the product. Therefore, the product is sold only on the official website at the lowest price.

How can you find out the authenticity of the spray?

If you want to buy an original product, order on the website. Spray purchased elsewhere will be counterfeit because we do not work with pharmacies or health stores. If you are offered to order a spray on a prepaid basis, you are dealing with fraudsters. The manufacturer does not take money in advance, you pay for the shipment only after you receive it in the mail.